Signs of Spring 2014

This has been the coldest, snowiest winter I have seen in decades. When I was growing up in Guilford, CT in the mid-20th Century, we used to call winters like this “Winter.” But then winters started warming up and it was easy to get accustomed to that mild weather. In 2008 I took a winter [...]

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Ten Tips for a Successful Short-Term Pet Sitting Assignment

I grew up on a farm, so animal care is second nature.  When my last pet passed on and I had sold my house, I moved into an apartment.  My decision to seek a new community and my enjoyment of pets are the reasons I list with one or more house/pet sitting sites. No two [...]

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Wildlife Experts in the News

I’m really proud to be included with people I respect and even more delighted to have these last words in Wayne Hall’s Times Herald Record column: “The fact that the animals make it this far is a testament because the odds are very daunting,” says Highland Mills wildlife expert JJ Murphy of Still, she [...]

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Seasonal Wildlife Images

Getting close to wildlife is a sure sign that I’ve left the frantic 21st Century behind. Those opportunities are precious.

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More Winter Tracking Opportunities

Snow reveals more tracks of active winter wildlife.

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Hawk Meets Squirrel: The View Outside My Window

Surprising photos of what should be predator and prey.

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Meeting Black Bear on a Hike

Some hikes are special blessings.

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Tanning a Red Squirrel Hide Using a Dry Method

I haven’t experimented with hide tanning for years. Back then, I used a hide scraper to remove membranes, fat and meat from a wet hide. I had no idea it was even possible to scrape a dry hide clean. The red squirrel that found my trap provided an unexpected opportunity. I started with basic instructions [...]

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How to Clean a Small Mammal Skull Quickly and Easily

This is the first time I cleaned a skull without an expert at my side. I have only two other fresh skulls in my collection; the rest I found while hiking. I wasn’t willing to bury this red squirrel skull and wait for the dung beetles. I knew that by boiling the skull, I would [...]

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Wild Food Recipe: Venison and Acorn Stew or Soup

This recipe is one of my favorites.

Follow my acorn preparation instructions, then add venison. Venison is farmed in
many places, so even if you don’t hunt, this is a treat.

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