How to Make a Figure-4 Deadfall Trap

This takes attention to detail, practice, and patience, but it does work.

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Wilderness Survival and Earth Skills Mentor: Barry Keegan

The best way to learn is from a skilled mentor. Barry Keegan has mastered both the skills and the ability to teach.

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How to Boil Water in Your Hat

Why would you want to boil water in your hat?

Water is essential to survival. If you are lost, you can’t take the chance of drinking from a creek, stream or lake; you need to boil the water.

Unless you had planned to go camping, you are unlikely to have a cooking pot. But you can still solve this problem.

Here’s how:

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How to Test Rocks for Hardness

I’ve used enough stone tools to understand just how difficult it is to master that technology.

To gain an appreciation of just how different the characteristics of rocks are, try this simple test of the Mohs’ scale.

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Nature Habitat Study: More Fun With Rocks

Another really good use for rock study is to look at which animals call rocks home.

All you need for this activity is an outdoor area with both sun and shade, four brick-sized rocks, a magnifying glass and a bit of patience.

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